About Nearby Meetups

My name is Tony Mai, and I am a student at Dev Bootcamp. "Nearby Meetups" is project that I've built during my 5th and 6th week at DBC. It started out as a fun project that would help me solidify EVERYTHING that I've learned during my first 6 weeks of DBC as well as learning more technologies.

I like Meetup.com, but the user interface didn't appeal to me, so I rarely used it. I like to see things visually - where the events are located, how popular they are, when they are taking place, etc. - all at one glance.

Enter "Nearby Meetups", a web app that utilizes the data from Meetup.com and visually displays them in a way that I would like them to. This was originally just a project that I did to solidify my learning, but after presenting it to everyone at DBC, I've received a lot of positive feedback and request to open it up to the public so that they can use it, too.

I am open to all kinds of feedback, issues, suggestions, and feature requests - anything that will help improve this app and make it easier for you to use. Thank you!

-Tony Mai